Gone Fishing

Fri 19th Jun 2015

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The GoldenGate team made the regular trip to Brussels for the Seafood Expo in March. The Seafood Expo is one of three shows that take place globally and is a fantastic opportunity for the team to meet most of the suppliers under one roof. The show takes place over 3 days, with 26,000 people visiting the 1700 exhibiting companies there was a certain buzz about the city.

The team arrived at the exhibiting hall early and were welcomed by the smell of fresh seafood and some amazing displays of product ranging from cod to oysters and everything in between. The GoldenGate team spent many hours wandering the aisles bumping into customers and suppliers arranging meetings for the following day.

The first day finished with the GoldenGate team taking in a demonstration of how to open Oysters. This had once been demonstrated once in the office by someone who shall remain nameless although you should be able to pick him out by the scar on his palm.

The team then went to sample some of the delights of Brussels. Brussels being renowned for beer and its culinary delights saw the team with an easy task of finding somewhere to chow down and have a couple of beers for refreshment.

The second day started in very much the same vein as the previous. An early start and quick wander round the show before the meetings started. These meetings were useful with many exciting new ideas floating around. A couple of times the meetings felt they would have been better placed at the headquarters of NATO rather than the Seafood Expo but such is business.

The GoldenGate team then went for one last walk around the show before getting in the taxi back to the airport. As always the team like to reflect on the time spent away to ensure that there is value in what they are doing. Visiting the Seafood Expo is one of the key ways that the team stay up to date with the seafood market and ensure that they have the best product to offer.

These are exciting times with regards to the GoldenGate brand and the team behind it. Yet again they have shown that they are prepared to go the extra mile (and in this case walk the extra mile) to ensure they stay at the forefront of the market.