Season’s Greetings from the Goldengate Team

Wed 23rd Dec 2015

The final weeks of the year are upon us and as most of us do we have been reflecting on another successful year within the Goldengate world.

The last 12 months have seen a sharp increase in the import side of the business. We are now importing Vannamei prawns, Pangasius, Fresh water prawns, cooked and peeled prawns, Spare ribs and Pork collars.

If you have been following the Goldengate blog you will see that these products are imported from all corners of the globe and the Goldengate team work tirelessly to ensure that the highest standards are maintained in sourcing the right product to suit your needs. That being said they are always looking for new products to add to the portfolio, so please get in touch with the Goldengate team and let them know your requirements.

The team are always looking for new ways to increase the business and grow the Goldengate brand, with the main focus on maintaining the high level of service and consistency of the product.It’s still not too late to get your free Goldengate poster. Please get in touch with your local stockist or Goldengate team member to request a poster.

Finally everyone here at Goldengate would like to take this opportunity to wish every one of our customers a very merry Christmas and prosperous 2016. Thanks again for your continued support.

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Happy Birthday

Wed 25th Nov 2015

For the latest snippet into the world of Goldengate we head over to the historic city of Hanover in Germany. Situated on the banks of the river Leine Hanover was once the residence of King George I, II and III, more recently Gerhard Schroder and Per Mertesacker have strong ties to the city.

The Goldengate Rib is the founding product of the Goldengate range. The team spent many months hunting high and low to find the correct supplier who could offer both the consistency and volume of product required to service our customers. Once the team found a supplier that fitted the bill the brand was born. The striking red packaging was designed to be eye catching and stand us apart from all the others in the stockist freezers. The range has since grown and we can now offer pork collars and the wide range of seafood, all with the Goldengate seal of approval on quality and provenance.


This year sees the 5th anniversary of the Goldengate brand and to celebrate the team have re-designed the Goldengate poster. Please contact one of the team today to obtain your free poster.

Why not try our recipe for oven baked spare ribs.

ribs Ingredients2 tablespoons dark soy sauce2 tablespoons light soy sauce

2 tablespoons honey

3 tablespoons hoisin sauce

1 tablespoon sherry wine

1 tablespoon ketchup

1 finely chopped clove of garlic

1 tablespoon sugar

2lbs of spareribs




Combine all ingredients except meat and pour into a heavy-duty plastic reseal able bag.

Add spareribs

Marinate overnight, occasionally turning

Line a shallow pan with aluminium foil, pre heat oven to 180°

Roast spareribs for 45 minutes

Reduce the heat to 160°c

Roast for a further 15 minutes

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Mekong to Felixstowe

Tue 28th Jul 2015

The long journey of the Goldengate King Prawns starts in the Mekong Delta where they are farmed and packed. Once packed down into the striking Goldengate red box that you see on the shelves, the product is loaded in to a refrigerated container and loaded onto to the back of a trailer and taken to Ho Chi Minh port.

Once the container gets to Ho Chi Minh and loaded onto the ship it starts the long journey, through the Singapore strait up to and across the Malacca strait, then across the Bay of Bengal and into the Red Sea. The ship then continues northwards up to and through Suez canal, this shortcut saves the ship having to travel southwards towards Cape town and then back up the west coast of Africa.  Once the vessel has made the journey through the Suez canal it will sail across the Mediterranean sea, into the Atlantic sea before making its way to the port of Felixstowe.

The port of Felixstowe is the UK’s busiest port and handles over 40% of the UK’s container trade. The quay at Felixstowe is 2.3km long with 29 cranes waiting to load and unload the ships that arrive. The port of Felixstowe employs 2500 people and has its own police, fire and ambulance services on site. The land that the port is built on is owned by Trinity college in Cambridge and spans over 8300+ acres.

Once the container is unloaded from the ship all the paperwork is inspected. Once the paperwork has passed the container is released and we arrange for transport to collect the container and deliver into Thetford cold store.

image2Thetford cold store has a capacity of 7,000 pallets with 4 dock level loading areas. The cold store has 4 chambers that can be set at any temperature from +10°c to -25°c, Mike Legge the cold store manager has over 35 years’ experience in cold storage and has amassed a team with over 90 years combined experience. The container is then unloaded by hand (all 2500 cases) and stacked onto pallets ready to dispatch to the customer.

Transport is then arranged to collect the pallets and deliver to the numerous different customers who are ordering the Goldengate products.


The journey of the little red Goldengate box takes little over a month from start to finish covering just under 10,000 nautical miles, numerous different companies and hands getting involved to ensure that the products arrive in great condition and in a timely fashion.

Photo taken at Harvest Foods, Glasgow
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Gone Fishing

Fri 19th Jun 2015


The GoldenGate team made the regular trip to Brussels for the Seafood Expo in March. The Seafood Expo is one of three shows that take place globally and is a fantastic opportunity for the team to meet most of the suppliers under one roof. The show takes place over 3 days, with 26,000 people visiting the 1700 exhibiting companies there was a certain buzz about the city.

The team arrived at the exhibiting hall early and were welcomed by the smell of fresh seafood and some amazing displays of product ranging from cod to oysters and everything in between. The GoldenGate team spent many hours wandering the aisles bumping into customers and suppliers arranging meetings for the following day.

The first day finished with the GoldenGate team taking in a demonstration of how to open Oysters. This had once been demonstrated once in the office by someone who shall remain nameless although you should be able to pick him out by the scar on his palm.

The team then went to sample some of the delights of Brussels. Brussels being renowned for beer and its culinary delights saw the team with an easy task of finding somewhere to chow down and have a couple of beers for refreshment.

The second day started in very much the same vein as the previous. An early start and quick wander round the show before the meetings started. These meetings were useful with many exciting new ideas floating around. A couple of times the meetings felt they would have been better placed at the headquarters of NATO rather than the Seafood Expo but such is business.

The GoldenGate team then went for one last walk around the show before getting in the taxi back to the airport. As always the team like to reflect on the time spent away to ensure that there is value in what they are doing. Visiting the Seafood Expo is one of the key ways that the team stay up to date with the seafood market and ensure that they have the best product to offer.

These are exciting times with regards to the GoldenGate brand and the team behind it. Yet again they have shown that they are prepared to go the extra mile (and in this case walk the extra mile) to ensure they stay at the forefront of the market.

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5 Days – 800km’s and a whole lot of King Prawns

Thu 04th Jun 2015

Firstly congratulations on finding the Goldengate blog. A platform we intend to use to tell the story of the Goldengate brand.

Two of the team have recently returned from a fact finding tour of Bangladesh. Karl and Bob landed into Dhaka where they were welcomed with sweltering temperatures and a plethora of transport to pick from to get them to their hotel. The guys picked one of numerous rickshaws for the journey from the airport to the hotel. After catching up on some much needed sleep and refreshment Karl and Bob were met by one of the agents that look after our business throughout the year. He whisked the two of them off for a tour of the city where the Ahsan Manzil (The Pink Palace) and the Sadarghat Boat Terminal were among some of the delights they were treated to.

Then it was onto the home of the Bengal Tiger, Khulna. This is where the business started; Khulna is one of the main areas for the seafood industry in Bangladesh. Karl and Bob were treated to tours of the Fresh Water King Prawn farms and witnessed first-hand the processes and care that is used to ensure that only the best product is used. It was then into the processing and preparation areas where the King Prawns are de-veined and prepared for freezing. Again the up-most care was demonstrated in this process.

Bangladesh Trip Map

The group then travelled by boat to Chittagong to witness the shipment process. Chittagong is the largest deep sea port in Bangladesh and in 100 biggest ports in the world. The guys were starting to feel a little homesick and missing a nice cup of Yorkshire’s finest brew. Teas being one of Chittagong’s largest exports the team were treated to numerous different types and tastes of tea. Apparently you can’t beat your own tea pot!!

Finally the guys made the 140km trip to Cox’s Bazar. This is another area that farms King Prawns for the European markets. The guys spent the evenings wandering the beautiful beaches and unwinding after a long and hard trip. Not made any easier by the political strikes meaning vehicles on the roads were not always available for travel and certainly not always the safest ways to travel.

The guys were back on a plane travelling home before they knew it. Upon their return they reflected on the success of the trip. The trip has gone a long way to cementing our relationships that we have with our suppliers and showing our long standing commitment to them. This is in turn is being reciprocated by our suppliers offering us regular and consistent supply.

Please contact your account manager for more information on any of the Goldengate Products they will be more than happy to assist you.


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