5 Days – 800km’s and a whole lot of King Prawns

Thu 04th Jun 2015

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Firstly congratulations on finding the Goldengate blog. A platform we intend to use to tell the story of the Goldengate brand.

Two of the team have recently returned from a fact finding tour of Bangladesh. Karl and Bob landed into Dhaka where they were welcomed with sweltering temperatures and a plethora of transport to pick from to get them to their hotel. The guys picked one of numerous rickshaws for the journey from the airport to the hotel. After catching up on some much needed sleep and refreshment Karl and Bob were met by one of the agents that look after our business throughout the year. He whisked the two of them off for a tour of the city where the Ahsan Manzil (The Pink Palace) and the Sadarghat Boat Terminal were among some of the delights they were treated to.

Then it was onto the home of the Bengal Tiger, Khulna. This is where the business started; Khulna is one of the main areas for the seafood industry in Bangladesh. Karl and Bob were treated to tours of the Fresh Water King Prawn farms and witnessed first-hand the processes and care that is used to ensure that only the best product is used. It was then into the processing and preparation areas where the King Prawns are de-veined and prepared for freezing. Again the up-most care was demonstrated in this process.

Bangladesh Trip Map

The group then travelled by boat to Chittagong to witness the shipment process. Chittagong is the largest deep sea port in Bangladesh and in 100 biggest ports in the world. The guys were starting to feel a little homesick and missing a nice cup of Yorkshire’s finest brew. Teas being one of Chittagong’s largest exports the team were treated to numerous different types and tastes of tea. Apparently you can’t beat your own tea pot!!

Finally the guys made the 140km trip to Cox’s Bazar. This is another area that farms King Prawns for the European markets. The guys spent the evenings wandering the beautiful beaches and unwinding after a long and hard trip. Not made any easier by the political strikes meaning vehicles on the roads were not always available for travel and certainly not always the safest ways to travel.

The guys were back on a plane travelling home before they knew it. Upon their return they reflected on the success of the trip. The trip has gone a long way to cementing our relationships that we have with our suppliers and showing our long standing commitment to them. This is in turn is being reciprocated by our suppliers offering us regular and consistent supply.

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