Mekong to Felixstowe

Tue 28th Jul 2015

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The long journey of the Goldengate King Prawns starts in the Mekong Delta where they are farmed and packed. Once packed down into the striking Goldengate red box that you see on the shelves, the product is loaded in to a refrigerated container and loaded onto to the back of a trailer and taken to Ho Chi Minh port.

Once the container gets to Ho Chi Minh and loaded onto the ship it starts the long journey, through the Singapore strait up to and across the Malacca strait, then across the Bay of Bengal and into the Red Sea. The ship then continues northwards up to and through Suez canal, this shortcut saves the ship having to travel southwards towards Cape town and then back up the west coast of Africa.  Once the vessel has made the journey through the Suez canal it will sail across the Mediterranean sea, into the Atlantic sea before making its way to the port of Felixstowe.

The port of Felixstowe is the UK’s busiest port and handles over 40% of the UK’s container trade. The quay at Felixstowe is 2.3km long with 29 cranes waiting to load and unload the ships that arrive. The port of Felixstowe employs 2500 people and has its own police, fire and ambulance services on site. The land that the port is built on is owned by Trinity college in Cambridge and spans over 8300+ acres.

Once the container is unloaded from the ship all the paperwork is inspected. Once the paperwork has passed the container is released and we arrange for transport to collect the container and deliver into Thetford cold store.

image2Thetford cold store has a capacity of 7,000 pallets with 4 dock level loading areas. The cold store has 4 chambers that can be set at any temperature from +10°c to -25°c, Mike Legge the cold store manager has over 35 years’ experience in cold storage and has amassed a team with over 90 years combined experience. The container is then unloaded by hand (all 2500 cases) and stacked onto pallets ready to dispatch to the customer.

Transport is then arranged to collect the pallets and deliver to the numerous different customers who are ordering the Goldengate products.


The journey of the little red Goldengate box takes little over a month from start to finish covering just under 10,000 nautical miles, numerous different companies and hands getting involved to ensure that the products arrive in great condition and in a timely fashion.

Photo taken at Harvest Foods, Glasgow